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Zhejiang Lucheng

Zhejiang Lücheng F.C. is a Chinese club based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang playing in the the Chinese Super League .

The club was founded in 1998 and won the title in 2006, thus promoted to CSL.


*1999 Club formed, played in the Chinese Football Association Yi League
*2000 Lose to Tianjin Lifei in the finals of Yi League.
*2001 Bought the first team and the position in from .
*2002 Renamed to Zhejiang Lücheng
*2003 Renamed to Zhejiang Sanhua Lücheng
*2004 Renamed to Zhejiang Lücheng
*2006 Renamed to Zhejiang Bebei Lücheng


Current squad

''As of 8 September, 2008''

Famous Players

* Feng Jizhi
* Bertin Tomou
* Adolfo Valencia
* Tony Menezes
* Mahmadu Alphajor Bah

Yuhang District

Yuhang District is a of the Zhejiang province, China, under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou. It is located in the suburbs of Hangzhou. Population : 152,429. The primary languages spoken is .

Yellow Dragon Sports Center

Zhejiang Yellow Dragon Sports Center or Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center is a sports complex also used for cultural events such as music concerts and celebrations, located in the center of the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, . ''Huanglong'' means "Yellow Dragon" in Chinese.

The center, built between 1997 and 2003, includes a football stadium with a running track, an indoor arena, outdoor track and field practice facility, a sports hotel, a press center, and other facilities for sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, diving and chess.

Yellow Dragon Stadium

Yellow Dragon Stadium or Huanglong Stadium is a the outdoor football stadium and the main feature of the Yellow Dragon Sports Center. The facility seats 51,000 people and was completed in 2000. It is used by the local football team and was one of the venues of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2007 held in September 2007, for group phase games and the Brazil-USA semifinal. It was referred to by FIFA as Hangzhou Dragon Stadium.

The structure is circular in shape and has a partial roof covering the seating sections that is supported by two dual suspension towers on opposing ends of the stadium.

Yellow Dragon Gymnasium

Yellow Dragon Gymnasium or Huanglong Gymnasium is an indoor arena seating 8,000 people, which was officially put into service on 21 September 2003. It was constructed at a cost of 160 million .
The arena can accommodate figure skating and ice hockey, as well as a variety of indoor sports. It is also used for music concerts.
It is adjacent to the stadium in the northeast direction. This was originally designed by Soviet Experts in 1950s and endorsed by Later Premier Zhou Eng Lai. When Zhou Eng Lai visit Hangzhou early 1970s, he repeated this plan to local officials.

Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park is a wetland park located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, .

Xihu District, Hangzhou

Xihu District is a district in Hangzhou, China, near West Lake.

It has an area of 263 square kilometers, and a population of 520,000. The postal code is 310013.

The district government is located on 1 Zheda Rd.

Xiaoshan District

Xiaoshan District , a district of the city of Hangzhou, located in Zhejiang province in China. Xiaoshan was formerly a city in its own right, but was absorbed in recent years by its much larger neighbor and made into an administrative district of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou's international airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, is located here. The area is also at the center of one of China's local real estate booms, as the demand for newer, more upscale housing by China's growing middle and upper classes has led to an explosion in construction of new high-rise residential towers and Western-style condominium developments in Xiaoshan. It is also the site of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Sports Centre.

Wu Man

Wu Man is a Chinese pipa and ruan player and composer. She is an exponent of the Pudong School of pipa playing.

She studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, where her instructors included Lin Shicheng, Kuang Yuzhong, Chen Zemin, and Liu Dehai. She became the first recipient of a master's degree in pipa and won the first prize in the 1989 National Music Performance Competition.

Although educated in China, Wu came to the United States in 1990 at the age of 25. She lived in Boston for many years and now lives in San Diego, California with her husband and son.

Wu performs with Chinese traditional music groups but is also known for her interpretation of contemporary compositions, as well as her work in jazz and cross-cultural music. Many composers have composed new works for her.

Wu has performed and recorded with the Kronos Quartet, Henry Threadgill, Liu Sola, Martin Simpson, and Yo-Yo Ma's The Silk Road Ensemble. In 1999, she became the first Chinese musician to play at the White House. She played there, together with Yo-Yo Ma, in honor of Zhu Rongji, the of China. Also in 1999, Wu was chosen by Ma to receive the Glenn Gould Prize. The award consisted of a bronze statue of famous Canadian pianist Gould himself.


*1993 - ''Chinese Music for the Pipa''
*1995 - Zhou Long: ''Nature and Spirit''
*1996 - ''Chinese Traditional & Contemporary Music''
*2003 - ''Pipa from a Distance''
*2003 - ''Posture of Reality''
*2003 - Bright Sheng: ''Silent Temple''
*2004 - Lou Harrison: ''For Strings''
*2005 - ''Wu Man and Friends''
*2008 - Tan Dun: ''Pipa Concerto''

With Philip Glass

*2005 - ''Orion''

With Kronos Quartet

*1997 - ''Early Music''
*1997 - ''Ghost Opera''
*2008 - Terry Riley: ''The Cusp of Magic''

With Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle

*2005 - You've Stolen My Heart: Songs from R. D. Burman's Bollywood

With Martin Simpson

*1997 - ''Music for the Motherless Child''

With Liu Sola

*1994 - ''Blues in the East''
*1997 - ''China Collage''
*2001 - ''Spring Snowfall''

With The Silk Road Ensemble

*2002 - ''Silk Road Journeys: When Strangers Meet''
*2005 - ''Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon''
*2007 - ''New Impossibilities''

With Henry Threadgill

*1994 - ''Carry the Day''


*1994 - ''World Music Sampler, Volume 2
*1997 - ''China: Spirit and Wisdom''
*1998 - ''China: Sounds of Our Stories''
*1998 - ''China - Time To Listen: The Best of China''
*2008 - ''Traditions and Transformations: Sounds of Silk Road Chicago''